Official Partnership With Leoch


As from 12th January 2018, DBS Energy is delighted to announce a re-structuring of the DBS Energy organisation.  We will be forging even closer links with our manufacturer and global battery superpower, Leoch Battery PTE, who will now become our official partner.   The Company will be known as DBS Leoch Ltd.

The opportunity will enable us to offer an even greater stockholding, with customers benefiting from an expansion in technical expertise and support. We will be right at the forefront of developing technologies. The partnership between the two companies means that all customers will benefit even further from personalised service from DBS, with 100 years of collective experience in the battery industry, combined with Leoch’s reputation for quality products, being a progressive manufacturer of international acclaim.  We are now truly a fusion of manufacturing and distribution in one Company.

The joint venture will provide us with a strong business platform to enable our customers to grow their businesses and achieve ambitious growth targets for 2018 and beyond.

The DBS Energy team will remain the same, as will all details of the business. The only changes to the business will be the registered name which will be changing to DBS Leoch Ltd, plus a new corporate logo and identity to promote the Leoch brand further.

To conclude, the agreement with Leoch confirms its commitment to DBS Energy and to our expansion plans in the UK battery market. We’re really excited about working with Leoch to drive this growth and achieve our aspiration to become the battery provider of choice to UK customers.

If you have any questions regarding this statement, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our Sales Team via or by phone on 01858 433 330.

Henry James, Managing Director, DBS Leoch Ltd.

16th January 2018