RELiON Battery Company, with global headquarters in South Carolina, USA, is a premium provider of Lithium and R4000 Dry Series batteries. The company is represented in the UK by DBS Leoch, manufactures customised energy solutions for a variety of applications around the world, plus customer service and technical support. RELiON has invested in the success of its customers, partners, employees and the future of clean energy production and storage.

RELiON possess a number of accreditations specific to their products, click here for further information.


What's New?

The new InSight Series is the first scalable LiFePO4 drop-in replacement battery, that comes in industry-standard sizes, with no extra hardware needed when connected in parallel. They come in 12-Volt, 24-Volt, 36-Volt and 48-Volt configurations. Easily connect multiple batteries in parallel to get the power and capacity you need. Connect two InSight Series batteries in parallel for moderate duty applications and any amount, up to 128 in parallel, to increase the available capacity for longer runtimes. Just connect and go!

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